Манефестирующий генератор (da_forever) wrote in algorithms,
Манефестирующий генератор

Divide a circle

I've been member of this community for quite time, and now I need some advise.

Question is how do I devide given circle with radius R into N vertical segments with same area?
And by vertical I mean that devising lines should be parralell to the diametr line of that circle. One more thing - N is always even. Simple example is N = 2 : and we have circle divided vertically into two parts of equal area with deametr line.

I need this to speedup my litlle research on mathematical statistics with parallel GPU eval.

Any help In form of formula, or ref to the known algorithm (if it does exists) or some code on almost any programming language would be g8.

Illustration added. Case: R=1 N=6, areas of all segments are equal.
I need to know OX points marked with question marks.
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