George Otto Morgan Comer (georgecomer) wrote in algorithms,
George Otto Morgan Comer

15 though early morning of 16 April

I began a reading of "Artemis Fowl". RS said it reminds her of the strangely non-sexual, intense relationship between Lucky and Nrsc. I read to "Ciao, fulletta" in Chapter 3 ("Holly") and by the end of page 61 (The Hummingbird Full Moon Rirual) was too much for me. The time was 1922hrs, I dressed, secured S15 and caught the OL for lemon Grove. I spent the evening and early morning (16 April) in the garage of the Blue Bird Street house mostly doing some non-LEPrecon inter net surfing. The most recent meeting of The Honey Bee Writing Club is scheduled for 1500hrs in The MVL. I thought yesterday it was an ACC meeting. Wrong, it is to be The HBW Club. I cannot even begin to gues what the meeting shall accomplish. RS and I are not in the Club. Beth G is taking care of her little girl plus Dsrvl`s three children. We do not expect her to come, unless Charlene agrees to help. Aldous for unknown reasons is with CFS and Speadtle somewhere near Palomar Mountain.

As NR would say...
Now you know what I know
WS Campbell, Inspector
Duty Officer

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