Eugene Kirpichov (antilamer) wrote in algorithms,
Eugene Kirpichov

Category theory and query optimization

Almost ever since I got acquainted with category theory it seemed to me like a perfect tool for formalizing database queries and their properties, and, consequently, for building optimization frameworks.
I am considering this for my thesis, but I can't find any work about applying category theory to query optimization, and this frightens me a bit: looks like someone has long ago proved that this is impossible (why would it be?), and now noone even tries.

Could you give me pointers to some works on the topic? I've googled the hell out of the internet, I found some works on formalizing data models with CT but nothing on exactly optimization.
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Request to busy professors should be sent sparingly, but the guys behind the blog "the n-category café" at may have some leads.

They'r promoting a generalisation of category theory and some posts seem to indicate that they'r looking around for applications of their math, including physics and artificial intelligence. There's even a post with a dead link indicating someone's working on categories and databases already:

"Mike Johnson’s category theoretic approach to databases give us a sense of what it can achieve at the level of everyday ontology."
Thanks! The link is actually not dead, by the way.